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Upcoming CARMA Events

  • Special Semester on Mathematical Thinking
  • Location:
  • Dates: Mon, 5th Nov 2018 - Fri, 31st May 2019
  • The next CARMA special semester programme is on the theme of Mathematical Thinking, examining the conceptual and neurological basis of mathematical thought and creativity, different aspects of which are associated with brain structures evolved for different purposes. It will explore links to machine learning, which plays a critical role as a model for cognition, as well as cognitive psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and pure and applied mathematics, through a series of workshops and other events. Please visit the semester's webpage for details. Events will also be listed on the events page of the CARMA website.
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  • Speaker: A/Prof. Murray Elder, University of Technology Sydney
  • Title: Sorting permutations with stacks
  • Location: SR202, SR Building (Callaghan), The University of Newcastle
  • Time and Date: 4:00 pm, Thu, 30th May 2019
  • Abstract:
    Knuth showed that a permutation can be sorted by passing it right-to-left through an infinite stack if and only if it \emph{avoids} a certain forbidden sub-pattern (231). Since then, many variations have been studies. I will describe some of these including new work of my PhD student Andrew Goh on stacks in series and ``pop-stacks".
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  • Speaker: Alessandra Vittorini Orgeas, The University of Melbourne
  • Title: Yang-Baxter integrable dimers and Fused Restricted-Solid-On-Solid Models
  • Location: SR202, SR Building (Callaghan), The University of Newcastle
  • Time and Date: 4:00 pm, Tue, 4th Jun 2019
  • Abstract:
    To be announced...
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  • CARMA Workshop on Computer-Aided Proof
  • Location: , NewSpace (City Campus), The University of Newcastle
  • Dates: Wed, 5th Jun 2019 - Fri, 7th Jun 2019
  • Computers are playing an increasingly important role in the creation and verification of mathematical proofs. This role is expected to become central in the future of mathematics. This workshop will bring together experts in computer proof assistants, formal proof verification systems, formal foundations of mathematics and related topics. The intended audience will be working mathematicians and graduate students, who are not necessarily experts in formal mathematics. Please visit the workshop website for more information.
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  • Data Science Down-Under
  • Location: TBAThe University of Newcastle
  • Dates: Sun, 8th Dec 2019 - Thu, 12th Dec 2019
  • For more information, please visit the workshop webpage.
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  • Mathematics in Industry Study Group 2020
  • Location: , NewSpace (City Campus), The University of Newcastle
  • Dates: Tue, 28th Jan 2020 - Sat, 1st Feb 2020
  • Visit the MISG website for more information.
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