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CARMA Special Semester

Special Semester on Mathematical Thinking

Monday, 5th Nov 2018 — Friday, 31st May 2019

The next CARMA special semester programme is on the theme of Mathematical Thinking, examining the conceptual and neurological basis of mathematical thought and creativity, different aspects of which are associated with brain structures evolved for different purposes. It will explore links to machine learning, which plays a critical role as a model for cognition, as well as cognitive psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and pure and applied mathematics, through a series of workshops and other events. Please visit the semester's webpage for details. Events will also be listed on the events page of the CARMA website.

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Zero-Dimensional Symmetry Seminar

2:00 pm

Tuesday, 11th Dec 2018

LG 17, McMullin

Mr Davide Spriano

(ETH Zürich)

Convexity and generalization of hyperbolicity

Almost by definition, the main tool and goal of Geometric Group Theory is to find and exploit correspondences between geometric and algebraic features of groups. Following this philosophy, I will focus on the question: what does it mean for a sub(space/group) to "sit nicely" inside a bigger (space/group)? Focusing on groups, for a subgroup H of a group G, possible answers for the above question are when the subgroup H is: quasi-isometrically embedded, undistorted, normal/malnormal, finitely generated, geometrically separated...
Many of the above are equivalent when H is a quasiconvex subgroup of a hyperbolic group G, providing very successful correspondences between geometric and algebraic properties of subgroups.
The goal of this talk is to review quasiconvexity in hyperbolic spaces and try to generalize several of those features in a broader setting, namely the class of hierarchically hyperbolic groups (HHG). This is a joint work with Hung C. Tran and Jacob Russell.

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CARMA Conference

Geometric Evolution Problems and Related Topics

Tuesday, 15th Jan 2019 — Friday, 18th Jan 2019

NewSpace (City Campus)

Geometric evolution problems form an important area of modern mathematical research with far-reaching applications within mathematics and beyond. This workshop will gather together many leading Australian researchers and some key international guests to discuss latest developments, build on existing collaborations and initiate new ones. Topics will include second and higher order geometric flow and semilinear and fully nonlinear elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations. Further information will appear on the conference webpage.

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CARMA Workshop

International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies

Sunday, 7th Apr 2019 — Wednesday, 10th Apr 2019

Noah's On the Beach [Newcastle, NSW]

The 34th International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies (IWWWFB) will be held in Newcastle in 2019. Please visit the workshop website for more information.

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