I work in Number Theory. More specifically, my main interst lies in Arithmetic Geometry, where I work on Elliptic curves, Drinfeld modules, Drinfeld modular forms and related topics. Other interests include Ducci sequences and orders of elements in finte fields.


Note: for copyright reasons, some of the following PDF files are not the final, published versions. Also, this is page is under contruction, so most links are still broken.
  1. Drinfeld modular forms of arbitrary rank (With Dirk Basson and Richard Pink). Monograph. This text updates (e.g. Prop 5.16) and combines the three preprints:
  2. Multiplicative orders of Gauss periods and the arithmetic of real quadratic fields. Finite Fields Appl., 73 (2021). [PDF] arXiv:2006.10344

  3. Generic monodromy of Drinfeld modular varieties in special characteristic. (With Gebhard Böckle) In: ``Abelian Varieties and Number Theory'' (M. Jarden, T. Shaska, eds.) Contemp. Math., Amer. Math. Soc. 767, (2021), 147--160. [PDF] arXiv:1912.09820

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  5. Lower bounds for periods of Ducci sequences. (With Igor Shparlinski) Bull. Aust. Math. Soc. 102 no.1 (2020), 31-38. arXiv:1909.04462

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  8. A note on Gekeler's h-function. Arch. Math. 107 (2016), 305-313. [PDF] The final publication is available at Springer via arXiv:1605.02567

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