Sunday (11th December)
4:00 pm Welcome Reception

Monday (12th December)
8:50 am Opening Address
9:00 am Keynote Talk
Bruce Reed
Testing Membership in Minor Closed Classes in Linear Time
10:00 am Morning Tea Monday
10:30 am Rajko Nenadov
Size-Ramsey numbers of bounded-degree triangle-free graphs
Bohao Yao
Smallest 4-chromatic graph with odd-girth 7
Debi Oktia Haryeni
Partition resolvability of homeomorphic trees
11:00 am Rebecca Robinson
Topological containment of the 5-clique minus an edge in 4-connected graphs.
Kiki A. Sugeng
Antiadjacency Spectrum of Regular and Line (Di-)Graphs
Cyriac Grigorious
Metric Dimension of Circulant Graphs
11:30 am David Wood
Edge-Maximal Graphs on Surfaces
Paul Manuel
Propagation in carbon and boron nanotubes
Sudeep Stephen
The zero forcing number of graphs with given girth
12:00 pm Lunch Monday
2:00 pm Keynote Talk
Nathan Clisby
A self-avoiding talk
3:00 pm Afternoon Tea Monday
3:30 pm Robert Coulter
Algebraic substructures of planar ternary rings
Muhammad Adib Surani
Sets on a Plane
Rachel Wulan Nirmalasari Wijaya
Qd-Supermagic Labeling of The d-Dimensional Grid Graph
4:00 pm David Pike
Twofold triple systems with 2-intersecting Gray codes
Kyle Rosa
Invariable Generation of Finite Permutation Groups
Susilawati Nurdin
On the Vertex Irregular Total Labeling for Subdivision of Trees
4:30 pm Daniel Horsley
Resolvability for infinite designs
Novi Herawati Bong
Maximum Degree-Diameter Bounded Subgraphs Problem on Hyperdiamond
Dushyant Tanna
Reflexive Vertex Irregular Labeling of Ladders
5:00 pm CMSA Annual general meeting

Tuesday (13th December)
8:30 am Keynote Talk
Dana Randall
Sampling Paths, Partitions and Permutations
9:30 am Matthew Fahrbach
Approximately Sampling Elements with Fixed Rank in Graded Posets
Florian Lehner
The reconstruction problem for infinite graphs
Rakhi Singh
Lower bounds on the sizes of t-(v,k,lambda) coverings
10:00 am Richard Brent
A Fast Algorithm for the Kolakoski Sequence
Toru Hasunuma
Completely independent spanning trees in the powers of sparse graphs
Darcy Best
Transversals in Latin Arrays with Many Symbols
10:30 am Morning Tea Tuesday
11:00 am John Bamberg
Extremal configurations in regular near polygons
Anita Liebenau
Excluding hooks and their complements
Mohammed Aeyed Alqahtani
Maximum Clique Problem
11:30 am Charles Semple
Constructing tree-child networks from distance matrices
Dan Hawtin
2-neighbour transitive codes - some context
Kevin Hendrey
Sparse Graphs of high Gonality
12:00 pm Lunch Tuesday
2:00 pm Keynote Talk
Bojan Mohar
When the chromatic number becomes fractional
3:00 pm Afternoon Tea Tuesday
3:30 pm Kerri Morgan
New Types of Chromatic Factorisations
Graham Farr
Powerful sets and codes: binary functions with Tutte-Whitney polynomials
Tim Wilson
Anagram-free Colouring Graph Subdivisions
4:00 pm Ranjie Mo
Two infinite families of pairs of Tutte equivalent 2-connected graphs with certificates
Stephen Glasby
Linear codes from matrices: intertwining codes
Jamie Simpson
Beatty sequences and Christoffel words
4:30 pm Thomas Britz
A nice proof of Wei's Duality Theorem
Trent Marbach
The divisibility of the number of Latin squares of fixed order
Adam Mammoliti
Maximal r-matching sequencibility of complete graphs

Wednesday (14th December)
8:30 am Keynote Talk
Benny Sudakov
Cycles in graphs with forbidden subgraphs
9:30 am Nick Brettell
Colouring graphs with connectivity constraints
Brian Alspach
The Friedlander-Gordon-Miller Conjecture Is True
Semin Oh
Association schemes all of whose symmetric fusions are integral
10:00 am Xiangwen Li
On strong edge-coloring of graphs with maximum degree 4
Tunzi Tan
An exact algorithm for Min-Max hyperstructure equipartition with a connected constraint
Sho Suda
Association schemes obtained from twin prime powers
10:30 am Morning Tea Wednesday
11:00 am Paul Leopardi
Classifying bent functions by their Cayley graphs, using Sage
Kai Siong Yow
Tutte Invariants for Alternating Dimaps
William Crawford
On a higher dimensional analogue of the Van de Waerden conjecture
11:30 am Rebecca Stones
Cartesian product graphs and k-tuple total domination
Grace Misereh
Thrackles containing a standard musquash
Jinge Li
The enumeration of 321-polynomial classes
12:00 pm Lunch Wednesday
2:00 pm Keynote Talk
Amy Glen
An introduction to combinatorics on words: balanced words, Lyndon words, and palindromes
3:00 pm Afternoon Tea Wednesday
3:30 pm Binzhou Xia
Vertex-primitive s-arc-transitive digraphs
Keisuke Shiromoto
On the covering number of matroids
Duncan Berry
Uniform cycle decompositions of complete multigraphs
4:00 pm Sanming Zhou
Classification of arc-transitive almost multicovers of complete graphs
Prashant Malavadkar
On n-Connected Minors of the es-Splitting Binary Matroids.
Rosie Hoyte
Decomposing \lambda Kn into stars
4:30 pm Marston Conder
Bi-Cayley graphs
Xander Perrott
Identically self-dual matroids
Yuqing Lin
Factorization of regular graphs

Thursday (15th December)
8:30 am Keynote Talk
Geoff Whittle
Tangles and the Mona Lisa
9:30 am Ian Wanless
Latin squares with no transversals
Donald Kreher
The Stars and Stripes Problem
Shenwei Huang
Structure and algorithms for (cap,even hole)-free graphs
10:00 am Brendan McKay
Subgraph counts for dense graphs with specified degrees
Thomas Kalinowski
Extended formulations for convex hulls of graphs of bilinear functions
Khandoker Mohammed Mominul Haque
Equitable Total Coloring of Knödel Graph W3,n
10:30 am Morning Tea Thursday
11:00 am Jeanette McLeod
A navigation system for tree space
Barbara Maenhaut
Hamilton Decompositions of Line Graphs
Peter Ayre
Freezing in Hypergraph Colouring
11:30 am Gordon Royle
Chromatic Roots, The Golden Ratio and B10
Sara Herke
Hamilton Decomposable Infinite Circulant Graphs
Hiroshi Nozaki
Largest regular multigraphs with three distinct eigenvalues
12:00 pm Lunch Thursday
2:00 pm Keynote Talk
Florian Pfender
Semidefinite programming in extremal graph theory -- advances on the flag algebra method
3:00 pm Afternoon Tea Thursday
3:30 pm Nick Wormald
The probability of nonexistence of a subgraph in a moderately sparse random graph
Tianbing Xia
On construction weighing matrices by negacyclic matrices
4:00 pm Catherine Greenhill
A threshold result for loose Hamiltonicity in random regular uniform hypergraphs
Kevin Leckey
On Limits of Pólya Urn Models
4:30 pm Mikhail Isaev
Bridging the gap between sparse and dense
Bhaskar DasGupta
Effect of Gromov-hyperbolicity Parameter on Cuts and Expansions in Graphs and Some Algorithmic Implications
6:30 pm Conference Dinner (Noah's on the Beach)

Friday (16th December)
9:00 am Keynote Talk
Joe Ryan
Mirka Miller: A Research Profile
10:00 am Morning Tea Friday
10:30 am Jennifer Seberry
Two Infinite Families of Symmetric Hadamard Matrices
11:00 am Leanne Rylands
An antimagic graph for each degree sequence
11:30 am Judy-anne Osborn
Education, Combinatorics and the Modern World